About Us

DeLaMà Naturals was created in the year 2018 by our Founder Danielle F. Danielle, born and raised in the Caribbean, was always surrounded by holistic wellness as her grandparents ran an apothecary shop or in simpler terms a herbal shop. The shop is still functional and has been in existence for over 35 years.
As a child, Danielle made hair rinses, foot soaks, body oils and so many other herb infused products for her household. At that time, she had no idea that eventually she would make a career out of what started as a household chore and then hobby.
DeLaMà Naturals is a vegan skin and hair care company that uses toxin- free and ethically sourced ingredients. There's a variety of products that compliments various skin types and hair textures.
Everything about DeLaMà Naturals revolves around the commitment to amaze clients with quality products, exceptional customer care and an easy shopping experience.