Radiant Beauty Bundle
Radiant Beauty Bundle

Radiant Beauty Bundle

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The products in this Beauty Bundle will be your skin’s best friend! We know how much you want to join the HEALTHY skin club and say bye bye to your skincare insecurities.

This bundle has (1) luxurious body oil (1) facial oil excellent for soothing irritation (1) bar soap great for hyperpigmentation and (1) antibacterial soap perfect for acne.

Ingredients in this bundle are powerful and include neem, chamomile, turmeric and tea tree essential oil to ensure a successful skin care journey.


This bundle consists of the following:

  • Tropical Dingolay Body Oil (infused with turmeric)
  • Facial Beauty Elixir
  • Turmeric Bar Soap
  • Neem Bar Soap

Don’t let anything stop you from starting your healthy skincare journey. Grab yours now!